An Epitaph for Destiny by Jenny Paxton Book Urban Fantasy Release Day

New Book Release: AN EPITAPH FOR DESTINY by Jenny Paxton

Available TODAY!
An Epitaph for Destiny by Jenny Paxton

An Epitaph for Destiny book by Jenny Paxton urban fantasy ace

AN EPITAPH FOR DESTINY is an urban fantasy for the cerebral – wrought with mental temptations, asexual characters, and magical creatures that adhere to forces of physics and nature.

With the Order of the Holy Lance, her sister Imani, unexpected allies on her side, and a fallen angel against her, Justina must choose the path she wishes to follow – and who she will be.

Justina is a girl living in two worlds: born the child of a demon, raised by a holy warrior order, both powerful and vulnerable. Imani is a girl living in two worlds: orphaned, raised alongside Justina, full of both fear and faith.

When Justina begins to grow into her full powers, she and Imani find themselves adrift, fleeing enemies who see Justina as nothing but evil to be destroyed. But Justina’s demon father lurks in the shadows knowing what Justina could become.

With millennia of experience in manipulation and deception, he works to regain control and lure his daughter back.

BUY HERE – $16.99 (free in-store pickup)
Paperback – 356 pages – 5.5×8.5 / Releases May 31st / Published by Wild Lark Books
Adult Fiction | Urban Fantasy | Magical Realism | Neurodiversity | ACE Representing

JENNY PAXTON was born in San Antonio, raised in Lubbock, and attended both Abilene Christian University and Texas Tech.  After receiving her PhD in history, Jenny now teaches history at the University of Texas – Permian Basin.  She loves to read, and when the story she wants doesn’t exist, sometimes she simply must write it herself!  Her work is strongly influenced by a love of fantastical elements blended with reality, scrupulous historical research, and her own Christian faith.  Jenny currently lives in Odessa, Texas, with her four cats.

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