Available January 31, 2023

The Dumb Blonde's Guide to Divorce by Jenni Avery

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by Jenni Avery

Family & Relationships | Self-Help Guide


It’s the one thing I never planned. And trust me, I’m a planner. I planned for marriage and a family. Heck, I’ve even planned my funeral, so the people I love won’t have to do it. But I never planned for my marriage to end. And I doubt you did either.

The Dumb Blonde’s Guide to Divorce is for anyone going through or considering divorce. My parents divorced, yet most of what I “knew” about the legal system, I learned from television and movies. I wrote this book to give readers a short, concise, and easy-to-read understanding of what happens or can happen during a divorce. I want to pass along my experience to provide hope to help others during what was the most emotionally devastating and fearful time of my life for me. In short, this book shares the dos and don’ts that I would tell my friends to make it easier for them than it was for me. And my wish for my readers is that they come out stronger on the other side.


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Thursday, February 2nd from 6pm – 7pm at Wild Lark Books


About the Author

Jenni Avery is the first-time author of The Dumb Blonde’s Guide to Divorce. However, she is not dumb, and she is now only chemically blonde. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, she worked in Media Relations for the minor league baseball teams in Indianapolis and Las Vegas. She dreamed of working for the Chicago Cubs but came back to Lubbock after falling in love with her future husband/ex-husband and his daughter from his first marriage. She worked as a make-up artist for years before she and her then husband opened their own Planet Beach franchise and had their son. Jenni has always loved building people up and helping their self-esteem, first with makeup, then with her tanning spa, and now with The Dumb Blonde’s Guide to Divorce. Her writing is concise, easy to follow, and meant to help readers navigate divorce as a friend would help them.

After her divorce, she sold her spa and is working as a makeup artist in addition to helping others with her experience, strength, and love.

Originally from Whitharral, Texas and currently living in Lubbock, she spends her free time with her son, his cat, and their two Frenchies, Theo and Ivy. She also loves travelling and attending concerts. Matchbox 20 is her all-time favorite band. And, during baseball season, she can almost always be found watching her beloved Cubs.