S.E. Mattison Author Mirror of the Gods

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Mirror of the Gods S.E. Mattison Young Adult Mythology Fantasy

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Vol. 1 of the Vanir Saga

by S.E. Mattison


A Divine Combination of Magick and History

While life wasn’t entirely mundane, Lucy Sheridan hoped a coveted summer internship at an archeological dig site in Norway would be as exciting as it was informative. What she wasn’t expecting, however, was to discover sacred, missing artifacts hidden in a Viking Age burial mound.

When her discovery gains the attention of the Vanir, four beings blessed by the Gods with extended mortality, she finds herself caught in the tides of an age-old war.

Grappling with her own destiny, Lucy realizes she discovered more than just artifacts in the mound. Now, she must embark on a path to find herself, the magic she holds, and other secrets of her past.

But can she unravel it all and find the strength to face the truth before it’s too late?

About the Author

Entranced at a young age by the practice of weaving strands of words and ideas together to create an enchanting story, this impassioned author always knew writing was her heart’s desire. Inspired and driven by travels, music, art, and of course, her intense love of all things literature, S.E. Mattison, known to friends and family simply as Sarah, strives to share the magic that lives and breathes in the world around us.

Day-to-day lives can be mundane, but getting lost in the universes, battles, heartbreaks, triumphs, losses, and lives of characters is something Sarah has done for as long as she can remember. She hopes that through sharing her own stories, the worlds she’s created, and the characters she has breathed life into, she can provide an escape from reality for her own readers.

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