Lauren Koetting Author MOBILE GRACE OF DEMONS THE DEVIL'S EVE magical realism christian fantasy novel

Lauren Koetting Author of Novel Grace of Demons: The Devil's Eve

Epic Fantasy Novel Grace of Demons: The Devil's Eve

Fiction | Magical Realism | Christian Fantasy

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ISBN: 9781957864099
742 pages

Published by WILD LARK BOOKS


by Lauren Koetting


Iris Wakefield is a young woman living in a tired routine, unfulfilled and unmotivated, until an unexpected call from the celebrated billionaire philanthropist, Loomis Drake, presents her with an opportunity to pursue endeavors she once believed fate had made impossible.

A greater power, however, has other plans for her, and Iris discovers a dark secret she has carried unknown for a lifetime—she is the incarnate Satan.

As she learns more about the spirit within her and the power it holds, she finds she may not be the darkest secret roaming the Earth, and she must decide whether she serves the God she was raised to know or the Devil whose substance she shares. Under the providential direction of a mysterious mentor, Iris prepares for a spiritual battle against an adversary the world cannot recognize, whose nefarious plans will destroy the human race in a manner far worse than death unless Iris resists his temptations.

With the futures of her human brethren and her own soul in her hands, Iris engages in a terrible game with this powerful opponent and finds her faith sorely lacking as she struggles with her evil inclinations. The truest strength, though, lies in humility, and, amid great suffering, both Iris and her nemesis may find their perceptions transformed as they learn from one another the real meaning of power.



“A beautifully and masterfully written novel by a first-time author. I experienced so many emotions reading this amazing story. It’s a powerful story of a glorious journey we all ultimately travel in our life experiences.”

“Reading this book brought on a lot of reflection, meditation, and self-realization that there is always a point in our life to be redeemed. To change. We all have our experiences, good and bad. If our choices define who we are and what we become then there is always time to make the choice for a better life. A better outlook.”

“Through a story woven with reality and fantasy, the author brilliantly takes blurred lines between good vs. evil into a full-blown distinction between the two, leaving this book in my thoughts for days.”

About the Author

Lauren K Decor

Lauren Koetting

Lauren is a native to Lubbock, Texas, and Texas Tech University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a minor in German (don’t ask her to speak it, though—she has forgotten most of what she once knew, and she was always better at listening and reading!). She now works as a compliance consultant and occasionally leads group fitness classes at her gym on the weekends. Generally quiet, reserved, and introverted, she listens far more than she speaks, but she will gladly engage in conversation or debate when prompted with an interesting subject. She values and greatly respects integrity and hard work, and she holds herself to the same high standards she demands of others, but she isn’t always the rigid and exacting stick-in-the-mud people sometimes perceive her to be. She is wholeheartedly committed to balance and believes one’s free time is every bit as valuable as, if not far more valuable than, the time one spends working, and it should therefore be treated with the appropriate appreciation.

In her own free time, Lauren can often be found her stuffing her face while watching television reruns of her favorite shows, though she does like to maintain a disciplined exercise routine to balance that. She enjoys competition in any form, whether in trivia, air hockey, arcade or board games, or arm wrestling (she often loses on that one). Other interests of hers include music (she can play the piano, the violin, and the guitar, though she’s admittedly rusty on all of them), online geography quizzes, puzzles of any variety, and drinking all the coffee and hot tea she can hold. She takes no offense when labeled as a homebody or as a creature of habit—food and entertainment are every bit as compelling and often far more enjoyable in the company of one’s closest acquaintances, away from crowds, and nothing beats old favorites. If an urge for adventure beckons, it can be satisfied by daydreaming, reading a favorite book, watching a favorite action movie, or replaying a favorite old video game for the fifth or fiftieth time.


Ironically, Lauren always hated English classes in school (she very critically found them subjective and pointless, though she always enjoyed reading and writing and grammar), but she can now count “writing a book” among the highlights of her personal achievements. She can also mark that off her “bucket list,” leaving only “appearing on a game show” and “owning a Dyson vacuum” as the remaining items thereon.