Kayla e. Willis Banner poetry ps i hope this helps
Kayla e. Willis Banner poetry ps i hope this helps

p.s. i hope this helps

poetry | photoessays
poetry by kayla e willis
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"Gorgeous. Inspiring. The photography is transporting and the poetry is heartwarming. It’s the perfect book to take off the shelf when you feel a need to escape."

p.s. i hope this helps

writing & photography by kayla e. willis

p.s. i hope this helps is an immersive experience into the author’s 22-year-old consciousness as she battles mental health, falls in love, falls out of love, pieces herself back together, worships, and explores.

she wrote p.s. i hope this helps simply as a way of coping with the tumultuous experience of growing up and early adulthood. paired with photos taken both digitally and on 35mm film, this is a glimpse of the world through her eyes and a hope for those who read it to find a place within its pages.

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p.s. i hope this helps poetry book and photoessays by kayla e willis

About the Author

Kayla Willis is a Texas-born author who graduated from Texas Tech University.

She considers herself a “dual-citizen” of both Colorado and Texas and feels as though her time spent living in both states has allowed her to see and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of differing landscapes, flora, and fauna. In addition to writing, Kayla is a photographer and poet.

Palace of Versailles kayla e willis

Photo Credit: Kayla E. Willis

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