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Ghostly Bugles: A Novel of the Alamo

by Max L. Knight

Historical Fiction | Paperback – $16.99 | eBook – $5.99

Do the souls of the dead reach out from beyond the grave? Do echoes of the past resound through the ages? Are such insights a privilege or a curse? An old man grapples with these questions and his own mortality as he re-examines one of the most famous battles in history – the Alamo.

The 1836 siege and battle as well as current efforts to restore Alamo Plaza to hallowed ground and create a world-class attraction unfold as the old man tries to make sense of his memories, dreams, and perceived outreach by the dead whose souls cry out to him for inclusion and recognition. Beyond the myth and the legend are their stories as well as his own.

GHOSTLY BUGLES is a fictional re-creation of the Alamo story, rich in historical detail with a unique paranormal element. The narrative combines elements of the traditional storyline with contemporary efforts to “Re-imagine the Alamo”. The dual timelines balance our understanding of this world- renowned event and provide new perspective and appreciation for the courage and sacrifice of everyone involved – Texian and Tejano defenders, and Mexican soldiers.

About the Author

MAX L. KNIGHT served twenty-four years in the United States Army (1973-1997) retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Afterwards, he spent five years (1998-2002) working at RCI Technologies in San Antonio, where he became the Director of Internal Operations.

He became the first Alamo Docent in 2004, but the tragic events of 9/11 had already compelled him to reactivate his security clearance, and when the approval finally came through, he returned to work in support of U.S. Counterintelligence operations (2005-2013). A stage IV throat cancer diagnosis in 2014 abruptly ended that phase of his life, and he turned to writing to help him get through the chemo, radiation, and surgeries. Ghostly Bugles is his fourth book, and Max is currently cancer free.

Max L Knight Author Ghostly Bugles A novel of the Alamo

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