Irish Music Session November 2022

Irish Music Session: November

Irish Music Session – November 2022

It’s time for November’s Irish Music Session!

Every second Friday of the month, Wild Lark Books hosts Lubbock’s Irish Music Session (a collection of Irish music players) for a traditional, casual night of Irish Music. Come and go as you please. A traditional Irish Music Session is *not* a performance. It is a gathering of musicians who come to have a conversation through music. Folks are welcome to walk, talk, and converse at their leisure! This is a free community event.

The bookshop is still open and we usually have some treats available to enjoy. The musicians are set up in our back Reading Room. We are also working on getting our back space connected to the Auld Brewing Company patio next door… Which will open a whole new level of enjoyment!

The event is finished.


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