Community Conversation May - Salon at Wild Lark Books

Community Conversation: Featuring Planned Parenthood

Salon in the Bookshop: A Community Conversation
Featuring Planned Parenthood

*phones down!* 🙂 Let’s get back to the art of conversation and turn more strangers into familiar faces in our community.

So often, conversations about Planned Parenthood happen without anyone from the organization in the room. Wild Lark Books is welcoming Planned Parenthood to spend some time discussing Reproductive Health & Advocacy. Ask questions. Converse. Listen. All are welcome.

About Salon:
In the 17th and 18th centuries, thinking minds would regularly gather together to discuss concepts, debate ideas, and engage to expand their minds and experiences.

Boundaries for Conversation:
– Recognize opinion as autonomous to discussion.
– Challenge through questions.
– Personal ideologies are either to be left at the door upon entrance or subject to be challenged.
– Come with the desire of wanting to better understand your fellows.

The event is finished.


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