Book Club at Wild Lark Books

Welcome to Book Club!

March 30th from 5:30pm – 6:30pm at WILD LARK BOOKS

GRACE OF DEMONS: The Devil’s Eve
by Lauren Koetting
Christian Fantasy | Gothic Fiction | Magical Realism – $21.99 (748 pages)

This is a Wild Lark Books Publication written by a Lubbock Author! So we’ll be joined by Lauren for our discussion!

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Iris Wakefield is a young woman living in a tired routine, unfulfilled and unmotivated, until an unexpected call from the celebrated billionaire philanthropist, Loomis Drake, presents her with an opportunity to pursue endeavors she once believed fate had made impossible.

A greater power, however, has other plans for her, and Iris discovers a dark secret she has carried unknown for a lifetime-she is the incarnate Satan. As she learns more about the spirit within her and the power it holds, she finds she may not be the darkest secret roaming the Earth, and she must decide whether she serves the God she was raised to know or the Devil whose substance she shares.

Under the providential direction of a mysterious mentor, Iris prepares for a spiritual battle against an adversary the world cannot recognize, whose nefarious plans will destroy the human race in a manner far worse than death unless Iris resists his temptations.

With the futures of her human brethren and her own soul in her hands, Iris engages in a terrible game with this powerful opponent and finds her faith sorely lacking as she struggles with her evil inclinations. The truest strength, therefore, lies in humility, and, amid great suffering, both Iris and her nemesis may find their perceptions transformed as they learn from one another the real meaning of power.

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