Wendy Willis Baldwin Author Visiting Lubbock at Wild Lark Books

CANCELLED: Author Wendy Willis Baldwin

Due to a family emergency – this event has been cancelled. Please stay tuned for a rescheduled date/time. Thank you!

Visit with Author Wendy Willis Baldwin
The Sister’s We Were

Featuring a special appearance by Tiffany Willis, Wendy’s sister whose relationship inspired The Sisters We WereReception following with former news anchor SHARON MAINES.

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“The weight of their family secrets could not have shaped Pearl and Ruby Crenshaw any differently. Ruby’s a runner, living in Dallas and only reluctantly talking to their mother, Birdie, when she calls from prison. Pearl is still living in her mother’s fixer-upper and finds herself facing a line in the sand: her weight is threatening to kill her. She’s hundreds of pounds beyond the point where she can celebrate her curves or benefit from the body positivity movement, and unless she takes drastic action, the future looks dire. But when Ruby’s buried rage explodes in a hilariously viral way, the mistake has life-altering consequences that throw the sisters back into living under the same roof as they try to put back together the pieces of their lives. Funny, cinematic and bursting with heart, this is a story of hope and redemption that celebrates the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood.”
About the Author
The Sisters We Were is Wendy Willis Baldwin’s debut novel. Together, she and her sister host the Life After Fat Pants Podcast. A native of Texas, Baldwin now lives on a farm in New Hampshire with her husband, her dogs, and thousands of honeybees.

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