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by DL Hammons

Heroes aren't always the ones left standing in the end...

DL Hammons continues the saga of the silent sleuths in FALLEN KNIGHT – the prefect mashup of The Camel Club and The Goonies.

An elusive killer has been recreating and improving crimes from long-forgotten headlines. The FBI finally uncovers the surprising identity of the suspect – a disturbed high school student – but only after he has taken his own life while committing a terrible crime. Unfortunately, the threat doesn’t end there. The boy left behind a note announcing his pre-arranged scheme to unleash one final “improvement” – minus the crucial details of where, when, or how.

Eighteen months ago, Lee Hamilton and his five middle-aged companions (nick-named the Knights Who Say Ni), crossed paths with Dianne Williams, a feisty private investigator examining a decades-old murder. Together they would solve the crime and see justice done. That chance encounter would be the beginning of a rather unique collaboration… and friendship.

When Dianne’s newest investigator, who is also a Knight, is attached after returning home from a routine investigation, Lee and the others take matters into their own hands to find the person responsible. The trail leads inexplicably to the doorstep of a dead teenager blamed for a mass shooting and a swarm of FBI agents investigating it. Little do they know they’ve become part of a race against time to stop the single largest bioterrorism attack in US history.


'It's like THE GOONIES, but for grown-ups!'

“The Knights are my latest obsession.”

Lisa Regan

(USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Crime Fiction Author)

“This is a great mystery with lots of twists that build until you stay up way too late to find out how it ends. A terrific read!!”




A group of middle-aged friends embarking on a sentimental quest.

A female Private Eye with a decades-old murder to solve.

A killer trying to erase an old mistake – and with it, anyone in his way.

Will the nation’s political future survive their inevitable collision course – or will it prove to be fatal?

Twenty-nine years ago, Lee Hamilton was a college student having fun with friends on Spring break in sunny Florida. It was there that he met the beautiful and unforgettable Andi Taylor. They spent a magical week together. Lee was confident it would go somewhere. Then, months later, he received word that she had died.

Many years later, Lee is a widower, his own children now away at college, and after having fallen out of touch with his old college friends, Lee turns to his blog as an outlet. Taken by nostalgia, he writes about his week with Andi and unexpectedly sets off a dangerous string of events that will reunite him with old friends but could cost them all their lives.

KNIGHT RISE is a fast-paced, intriguing page-turner with a lot of heart. Follow this crew of enjoyable characters through stunning plot twists for a thrilling ride you won’t forget!

Available wherever books are sold.

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Want an immersive experience? Listen to the KNIGHT RISE playlist on Spotify to add an extra layer of suspense that will take you into the mind of the author who listened to this music as he wrote FALLEN KNIGHT and KNIGHT RISE.


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Who Is DL Hammons?

DL Hammons Full

The Inspiration

The first piece of fiction DL ever wrote was in tenth grade all in the effort to impress a girl. The piece was a script for a 15-minute audiotape in the style of old radio shows (i.e., Little Orphan Annie, Dick Tracy), for which his group earned an A+ and he received praise for the originality of the story. After that, there was no turning back! He then joined the school newspaper and made a name for himself, writing sports articles and feature pieces.

It’s Never Too Late

Unfortunately, the seed planted in high school would lay dormant for decades while DL faced the realities of adult life. College exams, school loans, early morning alarms and late-night dinners, business trips, heart-stopping love, dirty diapers, mortgages, coaching clinics, scholarship applications, and everything else that tend to induce follicle disembarkation and enlarged prostates. It wasn’t until his children had flown the coop that “the itch” returned, and he had the time to give it the attention it deserved.


DL resides in Central Arkansas with his wife, where he has spent the last dozen years perfecting his voice, splitting his writing time between YA and Adult Mystery/Suspense. He also hosts the annual writing contest, WRiTE CLUB, judged by an impressive list of industry professionals.

DL is represented by Tina P. Schwartz of the Purcell Agency.

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